Supe it up


Supe It Up is an old slot machine that is one of the older games in the Supe It Up series of slots. The Supe it Up is basically a five reels live casino slot machine with a maximum of 25 different pay line combinations. Supe it Up is probably best known for its “Supe” sound that the machines make when they are paying off and the “up” sound when the line is not paying off. This is because it is probably one of the oldest machines in operation in the Vegas casinos.

Supe it Up is not a very difficult casino game to play but it does have its limitations. For example, if you place your bet and the Supe It Up appears there is no payout. This is because you have not picked up any symbols yet. Also, it is possible that a certain combination will not pay off because there are not enough symbols in front of you. Because of these limitations this game is not recommended for beginners or those without a lot of experience with casino games.

Supe It Up is not a very good choice as a gambling tool because of its low payouts. In addition, it is very easy to beat the reels when you know how. There are many other slot games out there with better pays and more interesting spin reels to look at. When you choose to gamble this will not be one of your better choices because of the low pass and minimal spin combinations. It can also be frustrating if you do not know how to get a hold of symbols and end up just spinning random symbols hoping to win something.