iSoftbet 24 Casino Online Game Review

The “24” series was unique for its set in “real time” with an episode lasting 60 minutes and a season lasting twenty-four hours. iSoftbet decided to take this wildly popular series and turn it into a video slot game. This exciting game features the popular lead character Jack Bauer and is designed with key elements of the television show. It has great graphics and background music and includes famous quotes from the series. The minimum bet is $EUR 1.25 per spin, making it a fun slot for fans of the series.

The most thrilling part of this game is the bonus round feature. The bonus round feature is symbolized by the number 24 in crosshairs. You must land three or more of these bonus symbols to activate the feature. The more bonus symbols you land on, the longer the bonus round lasts. The game ends when the countdown timer reaches zero. The prizes in this round vary from a hundred times your total bet to multipliers of ten times your original wager.